Winning Campaign Signs in 3 Steps

1) Choose the number of campaign signs for you

For more information on how to determine how many campaign lawn signs you need, check out this page. For orders smaller than 250 signs, corrugated plastic signs are likely the least expensive, cardboard signs are best for medium sized orders, and if you are ordering more than a thousand signs, the plastic bag campaign signs are likely the most cost effective.

2) Pick one color for your campaign yard signs

Copyrighted yard sign

High Contrast Sign Colors

I recommend picking just one color because of the cost savings to your campaign, but you can use more than one color. Choose a color that is easy to see from the road and that will stand out from all of the red, white, and blue signs that other candidates are using.

3) Choose a size

Standard Yard Sign Size

Standard Yard Sign Size

For most candidates, an average size campaign sign will work fine, but one of the best ways to stand out is to get a slightly larger than your opponent’s. Also, if you have a long last name get a sign that’s big enough that voters will be able to read your name as they are driving by. Click here for your options.