You’ve twisted our arm, our manufacturers use paper, plastic, and metal to make yard signs. That said, we work with manufacturers who are conscious about the environment. In fat, working with a network of suppliers is probably one of the greenest things that we do that the other guys can’t do… Since we can be smart about choosing a supplier that’s relatively close to you, we can cut down on the emissions associated with transportation.

In addition, some of our suppliers have these eco friendly practices:

  • Bags made from earth-friendly films that biodegrade quickly once in contact with earth.
  • Flexographic printing with water based inks.
  • Use of green technology in custom poly bags from biodegradable LDPE film.
  • Biodegradable low density plastic film, which is engineered to start to break down after it has been in the ground from 9 to 15 months.
  • Manufacture products from reprocessed plastic which comes from reprocessing plastic waste created during the production of new film.