Arizona Yard Sign Regulations

While not without controversy, Arizona made navigating the state’s campaign sign regulations much easier in 2011 when they limited localities’ ability to prohibit campaigns for distributing signs sixty days before the primary election and ending fifteen days after the general election aside from candidate who lose in the primary. Those candidates must remove their signs […]

Nevada Yard Sign Regulations

Posting Political Signs within Nevada’s State Highway Right of Ways It is illegal to post campaign signs within the right-of-way of state highways. Like many other states, it can be a challenge to identify what roads are under Nevada DOT control and which are local or federal roads, which have a different set of regulations […]

Ohio Yard Sign Regulations

Ohio span almost 45,000 square miles. That’s a lot of area for campaign signs and a lot of opportunities for campaigns to find themselves on the wrong side of the state’s yard sign regulations. One of the best piece of advice that I’ve ever heard about candidates for elected office is that “the only bad […]

Washington Yard Sign Regulations

It’s important for candidates, campaign staff, and supporters to the understand the state’s yard sign laws to avoid lost time involved in: * Designing the sign * Posting the sign in unlawful locations * Recovering signs from the Department of Transportation In a competitive campaign, time is critical. It is a political campaign’s only nonrenewable […]

Missouri Yard Sign Laws

I can’t tell you how many newspaper article I see where a candidate has stolen a yard sign or the Department of Transportation had to remove illegally posted signs. Don’t be that candidate. By putting signs along the state’s right of way in Missouri you’re risking losing the time and money it took to design, […]

New York Yard Sign Regulations

It’s important for political campaigns in New York to understand lawn sign laws and regulations in the state. Why? First, the New York State Department of Transportation will remove signs that don’t adhere to their regulations. Second, campaigns also risk political attacks from their opponents if they do not follow yard signs laws. Imagine that […]

California Yard Sign Regulations

One of the simplest but most costly mistakes your campaign can make is being ignorant of California’s sign laws. Your campaign must file a statement of responsibility, which means if your campaign puts signs out too early, places them on landscaped highways, or otherwise violates California’s sign laws, the candidate, campaign manager, or whoever is […]

Leaflet distribution for election campaigns

GOTV to Win welcomes this guest post. Leaflet distribution for election campaigns Leaflets can be an extremely powerful and targeted way of advertising a product, service or even a person to their readers. The trick is to give the right information and to do your research before you distribute them. There are many different forms […]