Political Lawn Sign Order Amount Tip

In the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, she finds three bowls of porrage. One of them was too hot, the other was too cold, whille the last one was just right. The morale of the story is moderation. Campaign lawn signs, however, are much different. Instead of looking for find middle ground, political […]

Campaign Signs and the Media

One way to think about the media is as a mediator between your political campaign and voters. When the media is involved, instead of the communications cycle looking like this: * Candidate conveys message to voters * Voter responds * Candidate responds * Etc The message looks more like this: * Candidate conveys a message […]

Design Your Campaign Yard Sign, And The Rest Will Follow

This is a guest post from Campaign yard signs are an important element in local campaigning. Over time, a single campaign sign can be seen by hundreds or even thousands of people. Multiply that effect by the total number of yard signs promoting a campaign, and you have a powerful way to build candidate […]

Campaign Yard Sign Volunteers – The 5 Bs

Convincing someone to help out on your campaign is difficult enough, but keeping a volunteer might just be more difficult. There are five Bs that will ruin your relationship with your volunteer: * Buffoonization – volunteers aren’t idiots * Burn out – volunteer is given too much, too soon * Banishment – volunteer is not […]

Campaign Yard Signs – Where to Put Them

In more than ten years of campaigning for candidates who are running for elected office, I have seen yard signs all over the place. If there is a surface that you could possibly adhere a yard sign to or a piece of ground that you could possibly stick a campaign sign in, I have seen […]

Assign a Yard Sign Director

As a field staffer, I know that one of the biggest reasons that yard signs have their detractors is because there isn’t ordinarily one person who is in charge of campaign yard signs. In fact, most campaigns leave it up to their field staff to handle campaign signs. I recommend that the campaign identify a […]

Getting Through Screens and Noise with Election Signs

When communicating with a voter through any method whether it’s at their door, through direct mail or otherwise, there is a basic process: * Communicate your message to the voter * Voter responds to message * Repeat Unfortunately, campaigns must deal with screens and noise while delivering their message and receiving feedback from the voter. […]

Campaign Signs and Absentee Ballots

Depending upon the state that your campaign is in, the absentee ballot process might begin months before the actual election. A coordinated and focused absentee ballot campaign can add several points to your candidate’s performance, so the campaign should consider how to use a variety of campaign tactics to engage voters that are going to […]

Campaign Plan – October and Yard Signs

Political campaigns should focus on the following campaign tactics in October: * Door to door * Fundraising * Remainder of mail hits * 1st or 2nd round of ID calls * Tracking poll * Persuasion calls Campaign signs should take a back seat to these activities as the election nears. In fact, it’s generally a […]