What Story Do Your Yard Signs Tell?

Seth Godin recently posted about two different signs. One was from MassDOT and the other from a farmer. Each of these signs tell a story about the organization that created the sign. What story does your sign tell? Are you honest? Professional? Humble? Wealthy? Populist? Experienced? Think about the story that your campaign yard sign […]

Campaign Signs and GOTV

GOTV, or get out the vote, consists of election day and the few days directly preceding the election. For the most part, the elements of good GOTV are similar to the rest of the campaign except that it is faster paced, the universe of targets is different, and the message is different. Get Out the […]

Election sign distribution law in Iowa

owa law prohibits campaign yard signs on: * Property owned by the state, county, city, or other political subdivision of the state including the public right of way. * Property owned by a prohibited contributor under Iowa Code section 68A.503. There is an exception for signs that advocate for or against ballot issues. On the other hand, […]

Rewarding Campaign Contributors with Yard Signs

If you listen to public radio or receive solicitations in the mail from nonprofit entities, you know that they are often offering something in return for your contribution. Of course, the value of the gift is a mere fraction of the value of the contribution. With that said, clearly, if some of the top nonprofit […]

Idaho campaign lawn sign posting regulations

Political campaigns cannot post signs along the state’s right of way in Idaho. Likewise, campaigns should not affix signs to trees, telephone poles, fence lines and other state property that falls within the right of way. The right of way varies but using telephone poles and other Idaho Department of Transportation property that lies within […]

3 Political Lawn Sign Philosophies that Work

If there is one part of political campaigns that you hear differering opinions on, it’s campaign lawn signs. You can’t get around the debate where one person proclaims “yard signs’ don’t vote” and another is demanding yard signs in triplicate for every home. How should your campaign handle signs? Well, it’s important to put campaign […]

Texas political lawn sign law

Placing a political yard sign on public property or on the state’s right of way is illegal in Texas. The Department of Transportation will remove any election signs illegally placed in the right of way especially those affixed to trees, traffic signs, and telephone poles. The Department also has guidelines for private property owners who […]

Campaign Plan – September and Yard Signs

In the fall, political campaigns heat up. In the month of September, political campaigns should generally focus on: * Canvassing: contacting targeted voters door to door * Fundraising: candidate and staff phone calls and fundraising events * Cable TV: if the campaign is investing in television, the first TV spot should hit in September * […]

Learn Kansas campaign sign posting tips before your opponent

The Kansas Department of Transportation has a clearcut prohibition on campaign yard signs in the right of way. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand where the right of way ends on a state road. It’s helpful to look for physical markers. Telephone polls, fencelines, and any state-maintained property along the road is a good indication that you […]

Campaign Phone Script – Yard Sign Ask

If you’re a political operative, you’ve done this before. You talk to someone who is excited about getting involved and you pile it on only for the person to get burn out and move on. Even in a political campaign where time is of the essence, it’s important to understand how much commitment a volunteer […]