Campaign Signs and Absentee Ballots

ballot boxes
Depending upon the state that your campaign is in, the absentee ballot process might begin months before the actual election. A coordinated and focused absentee ballot campaign can add several points to your candidate’s performance, so the campaign should consider how to use a variety of campaign tactics to engage voters that are going to vote absentee and voters that the campaign would like to vote absentee.

Just like a campaign would for the general election, engage in a number of campaign tactics:

* Canvasses to targeted voters

* Phone banks throughout the week

* Yard signs in supporters’ lawns

* Social media interaction on Facebook and Twitter

* Etc.

While all of these campaign tactics are valuable, depending upon the timeline for absentee ballots, however, consider reviewing your social media and campaign yard sign strategies. If it’s incredibly early, you might want to wait on the signs since that might involve ordering twice, which is far more expensive than ordering all the signs that you need at one time, for example.

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