When you say your prices include everything…

We mean it! Our prices include:

  • Signs
  • Wires
  • Shipping
  • Design*

*Campaign Trail Yard Signs reserves the right to stop the insanity with over the top sign design changes. We will submit a proof to you. If you have edits, let me know, and then we will make those changes. Additional changes after that first round are at $70 an hour.

And while we’re offering disclaimers, we don’t collect taxes or fees except in the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

How long until I get the signs?

The manufacturing process takes anywhere from a few days to 15 (all non-poly bag orders are printed within 2 weeks) from the time that both payment is received and art is approved. It will take another couple of days to ship to your location.

Actually, depending upon the type of sign that you order and your location, you’ll get two shipments to your location. Your yard sign wires will arrive first followed by your signs a few days later.

What are overruns and underruns?

Printers account for spoilage on the line and other problems by allowing for overruns and underruns. Meaning, if you ordered 1,000 signs, you may receive 980 or 1,050. You are only charged for what you receive. In the case of overruns, you can opt to order additional wires. Worst case scenario, please allow for 10% over/underrun on 500 to 999, 7% over/underrun run on 1000 – 2499, and 5% on 2500 to 10000.

How will I know exactly when my shipments will arrive?

With most of our shippers, you’ll get a call from the shipper a day before your order is to arrive.

Can I track my order?

Yes, if you don’t have a tracking code and would like it, please email service@campaigntrailyardsigns.com.

Can I expedite printing or shipping?

Sometimes! Okay, so that doesn’t sound like a great answer, but while most of our suppliers will allow for rush orders, there is are some that don’t. There are rush charges and they vary depending upon the manufacturer.

Must I use a standard color?

Standard colors are the colors that the manufacturer maintains at their site to use on printing jobs. If you’re purchasing poly bag signs, you can use any color, but corrugated and cardboard signs have a limited set of standard colors. If you must have a custom color, that’s possible, but you’ll need to email the details sales@campaigntrailyardsigns.com to process the order. Also, I don’t recommend it will increase your costs substantially. Our printers buy ink by the drum and if your order doesn’t use it all, you’ll still need to pay for the ink because it is perishable. Also, the printer needs to order the custom color, so it will increase production time by several days.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. Once you give Campaign Trail Yard Signs the blessing on your proof, the printer will receive upfront payment, and the wheels are in motion. There isn’t any going back. In the hasn’t happened and probably never will department, if the printer did a bad job, we’re on the same team and will fight to get you a refund.