Stacking yard signs to get voters’ attention

Stacking yard signs to get voters attention

Placing yard signs with a coordinated campaign or otherwise working with a slate of candidates. When you are working with a couple of other candidates, there is a strategy that you can take advantage of. This is similar to another strategy, to post two or three campaign yard signs near each other, but goes the other direction.

Take the entire tickets campaign signs and stack them on top of each other. Take a 2×4 or some other piece of wood and put several signs on top of one another.

It’s tough not to notice several campaign lawn signs on top of one another.

Oftentimes, if your volunteer put in the effort to assembly the signs, you might be able to get the best spot among the other yard signs on the 2×4.

Consider other things as well:

  • Make sure that you are following laws relating to coordinating with other campaigns
  • Also, be sure that you are following any local sign ordinances. Some prohibit signs of a certain size.

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