The medium is the message with campaign signs

The medium is the message with campaign signs

Medium is the Message for Campaign Signs Podcast Notes

“The medium is the message” *Marshall McLuhan

Television and Other Video

There is a lot of communication going on at many levels

  • Body language
  • Other visual communication
  • Voice inflection

Radio and Other Audio

  • The voice’s tone and inflection
  • Other ways to use audio to communicate

Direct Mail

Challenging and complex

  • Text
  • Images
  • Audio clips on the direct mail itself
  • QR codes to connect with the web and multimedia

Campaign Signs


  • Not a lot of space
  • Add candidate’s name
  • The office the candidate is seeking

The medium is the message.  With yard signs, you are limited by space and, therefore, can only communicate the most basic information about the yard sign.

In addition to the words on the sign, think about how twenty colors compares to two colors on a sign.  If the medium is the message and the yard sign, as a medium, can’t hold complex ideas, perhaps using only one or two colors on the sign is the best option.

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