Getting Through Screens and Noise with Election Signs

Giant Political Campaign Sign
Political Campaign Polyboard Sign: Extra Large

When communicating with a voter through any method whether it’s at their door, through direct mail or otherwise, there is a basic process:

* Communicate your message to the voter

* Voter responds to message

* Repeat

Unfortunately, campaigns must deal with screens and noise while delivering their message and receiving feedback from the voter. Some examples of screens and noise are:

* Other political campaigns

* Other mail

* Family

* Work

* Other commitments

* Someone tieing up the phone line

* Barking dogs at a voter’s door

Those are just the tip of the iceberg as far as the screens and noise that campaigns encounter.

One of the ways to get through screens and noise is through personal contact. The more personal and personalized the contact the better your response will be.

You can use political yard signs to improve your social proof and create a personalized connection with a targeted voter.

Imagine if you identified a supporter, “John Smith,” who agreed to put a sign in his lawn. You continue to canvass in the neighborhood and down the street you talk to “Jane Doe.” You can point out to Jane that John down the street is supporting your campaign and use the campaign sign to ensure that his support is genuine.

This is just one way that you can use yard signs and personal contact to make a good connection with a voter.

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