A politico and Realtor talks yard signs

Abe Haupt
Abe Haupt, Realtor and Politico

Thanks again Abe for answering a few questions about your experience with yard signs! 

First, explain a little bit about your political background. What campaigns have you been involved with and in what role?

I first got politically involved in college as an intern for Bob Yorczyk who was the Democratic Congressional Candidate running against Joe Pitts in 2000. Ironically, current State Rep. Duane Milne who is a Republican was my advisor. Although we lost I recieved an “A”.

I then finished college and worked as a staffer and GOTV director for the campaign of Andrew Hohns who ran for State Rep in the PA 182nd Democratic primary in 2004 against State Representitive Babette Josephs. We broke a record in that we raised more funds than any candidate had ever raised in a State Rep race but lost by 400 votes in a hard fought battle. I made many great friends on that campaign who Im still close with today, most notably Abe Dyk, Tony Heyl, and Tarik Peat.

I then went to Law School and when I left Law School in 2006, got involved with the PA Young Democrats and got my Real Estate License and got elected Recording Secretary on the exec board In January 07. I then founded the Montgomery County Young Democrats and in June of 2009 got elected Treasurer of the PAYD. Under my leadership, we have raised over 25 thousand dollars whereas the person who was treasurer before me raised 190 dollars his whole term. I also brought Anthony Youngblood onto the board and your friend Jenn Frownfelter as well who just replaced me as Treasurer last month as I decided to resign (on good terms) to focus my civic efforts on raising money for Occular Melanoma which my girlfriend Melissa was diagnosed with in Janauary as well as to spend more time on my rapidly growing real estate practice. I am still a member of the PAYD board and still serve as Executive Vice Chair of the Jewish Caucus of National YDA. Wow that was alot! I have no desire to brag and I dont want to bore you further so I’ll go onto the next question.

Not only are you involved in politics, you’re also a Realtor. You just can’t get away from yard signs. What are the differences between how Realtors use signs and how political campaigns do?

Realtors use signs to promote themselves and their clients interests. Political signs promote a cause. While it is true that signs promote the name recognition of the candidate and are undoubtedly helpful to them in making their name known regardless of whether they win or lose, the presumed basis of political signs is the expression of a set of ideals in the public interest. Real Estate signs are obviously more purely shamelessly devoted to self promotion and there is no presumed cause other than to sell the listing and to attract buyers.

What are the differences in the signs themselves (e.g. aluminum frames versus fold over/corrugated plastic/bag signs)?

Real Estate signs are meant to last for months, even possibly years while the property is on the market so naturally they are far sturdier and more expensive and designed for reuse. Political signs are designed for single use, and designed for quick and rapid deployment in many locations simultaniously. Also most realtors dont steal each others signs like political parties sometimes do.

Have signs helped you professionally as a Realtor and as a political activist? How?

Not really. To be truthful, I always thought candidates and realtors alike put too much faith in signs. Signs ‘vote and signs don’t make offers on listings. They do get your name out there but in the world of 21st century media, the relevance of lawn signs has been greatly diminished. I get most of my clients off webites like Zillow.com. In fact to this date, I’ve gotten maybe one or two sales from signs and dozens from online.

If someone would like to do business with you, how can they get in contact with you?

www.AbeHaupt.com www.ABetterRealtor.com
Or just call my cell at 610-996-3405.

Thanks again for agreeing to answer a few questions!

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