Making Sense of Yard Signs

Congratulations! You’re the reason why the democratic process works whether you’re a candidate or political operative.

After years on the campaign trail, I decided it was time to figure out yard signs. Field organizers loathe them. Volunteers love them. So what’s the truth? Can yard signs be a part of a winning campaign or are they just a vestige of campaigns from yesteryear? Well, I’ve uncovered the truth about yard signs, and well, it’s somewhere in the middle of the two extremes.

If you have questions about how many yard signs your campaign needs, how to design them, and what type to purchase, then you’re at the right place. Of course, if you are ready to make a purchase, we’ve got you covered there as well:

For those of you looking for more information, here are some of Campaign Trail Yard Signs’ most important and popular pages:

These pages are packed with tips and tricks to reduce to maximize the value of your political yard signs and reduce the number of yard signs your campaign needs.

About Campaign Trail Yard Signs

Does your campaign need to build candidate name recognition? Do you want to build campaign momentum?

If so, campaign lawn signs can help. Employ a bunch of strategies and tactics including yard signs to make sure that voters know who the candidate is and build campaign momentum.

Maybe, you just want to get some yard signs to make your volunteers and supporters who are demanding them happy. Great, invest in a small order of lawn signs. Depending upon your campaign, you may need thousands of yard signs or a handful. Campaign Trail Yard Signs helps you determine the signs that you need and strategies to get the most of your campaign signs. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers in our book. Claim your copy now by adding your email address to the form and clicking “subscribe.”

I Live, Eat, and Breathe Campaigns

I’ve worked professional and as a volunteer on campaigns as a small as borough council and as large as president for more than a decade. I’m passionate about everything campaigns and elections.

I started volunteering for local campaigns in 2001 before I was even eligible to vote and was appointed a precinct committee person the day I turned eighteen. I’ve always had the political bug. I got it from my pappy who was a union plumber.

In 2004, I took one for the team and ran for state Representative in a district that I really didn’t have a chance to win, but it was a great experience and I’m still the only person in the more than thirty year old district to have run as a Democrat.

The following year, I ran a borough council race and elected the third Democrat in the history of Millersville Borough to council, but it wasn’t until 2006 that I graduated from Franklin and Marshall College and worked on a campaign full time.

I was a field director for the coordinated campaign in Pennsylvania in 2006. I was a top performing field director and brought home historical performance numbers in the counties that I was responsible for.

In 2007, I went back to local politics managing several candidates for Marietta borough council. That year, I increased the number of Democrats on borough council from one to four! Democrats went from barely having a voice on council to a majority in one election.

2008 was an exciting time and while I had spent several weeks in Iowa in 2004 canvassing and phone banking for Howard Dean, I was the second person on the ground for Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania operating as the regional lead organizer for thirty of Pennsylvania’s sixty seven counties. Once the national field team arrived, I joined them organizing Schuylkill County. Ultimately, Schuylkill County perform more than 70% for Hillary.

I took a year off after that to court my wife but was honored to be asked to a part of then Senator Arlen Specter’s advisory committee in 2010. In between campaigns, I have always been involved in party politics serving as a precinct committee person for many years and as an elected state committee person.

To make a long story short, I live, eat, and breath campaigns. I know how they work and I know how to win them. Sign up for my email newsletter and I’ll send you my free ebook, Everything You Know About Yard Signs is Wrong, and 3 Pillars of Political Campaigns ecourse!