Campaign Trail Yard Signs works with a network of wholesale sign and promotional product manufacturers throughout the country to get you the best prices possible. This also means that when you choose to have a union bug printed on your sign that there are a variety of labels that will be printed.

Allied Printing Label

Allied Printing union label on a yard sign.

The Communication Workers of America Allied Printing label is printed on most of our poly bag signs. As CWA says on their website, this label “your assurance of quality and craftsmanship.” Communication Workers have been producing great signs in good conditions for a long time.

Graphic Communications Conference

GCIU Union Label

The Graphic Communications Conference is a part of the Teamsters’ Union. GCIU represents more than 60,000 workers in the industry across the country who are involved in all aspects of printing including yard signs!

Graphic Artist Guild

Graphic Artist Guild label on a yard sign.

Not as well known nationally, the Graphic Artist Guild is a labor organization mostly of freelancers though their graphic artists do have a collective bargaining agreement in New York with PBS. When you think of GAG, think of the Screen Actors Guild and other well-reputed organizations that ensure and promote good working conditions and wages for its members. When you receive a sign with a GAG bug on it, please note that a GAG member was responsible for all aspects of sign production not just the sign design.

GAG is not affiliated with the AFL-CIO. If that’s a deal breaker, we’ll use a GCIU or Allied supplier. Just let us know!