Are You Making This Yard Sign Design Mistake?

You might have noticed that most yard signs have a white border around the yard sign design.  Well, Wikipedia has the answer:

Bleed is a printing term that refers to printing that goes beyond the edge of the sheet after trimming. The bleed is the part on the side of your document that gives the printer that small amount of space to move around paper and design inconsistencies.

Bleeds in the USA generally are 1/8 of an inch from where the cut is to be made. Bleeds in the UK and Europe generally are 2 to 5mm from where the cut is to be made. This can vary from print company to print company. Some printers ask for specific sizes; most of these companies place the specific demands on their website.

There are certain print jobs where it’s okay to have a full bleed, where the design extends to the edge of the graphic, but for many print jobs it’s important to remember to leave an 1/8th of inch that printers need for cutting. No need to make this yard sign design mistake!

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