Arkoosh for Congress Testimonial

Hi, my name is Stephen Rudman, as the political director for Well Arkoosh for Congress. When it was time for us to order yard signs, I only had to make one phone call and that was my friend Ben Donahower. And it’s not just that we’ve been friends for so many years, I`ve known him ever since he ran for Rep. It’s just that when it came to price point, to having a good union labor, getting it quickly and easily without much hassle, I knew I could go to Ben. And I wasn`t the only campaign, I cast around just you know see, make sure everything is all right and everyone just said- Ben’s the best. Steve you know this, don`t dodge yourself, just give Ben a call. And it`s just fantastic, it was easy to give him a call on the phone and I wish I could say that I had a special number since I`ve known him for so long, but it`s the same number that he gives to everyone, so everyone gets the same kind of service. It’s really very nice. So, he walked me through the process and I told him- Okay, this is congressional race. It wasn`t just that he said- Okay, this is the price- go. It was- Okay, well let’s talk about your field plan, let’s talk about how best to use it. And we went through and he said- Okay, well let`s talk about how we can incorporate yard signs into your field plan. And he was fantastic with that, my field staff, everyone who got to meet him and talk with him loved him. He did a good amount of design work on our signs, the signs looked fantastic, they looked great on a computer screen and when we saw them on the poly bags, they looked fantastic there as well. So Ben Donahower, he has the political savvy, he has the union workers and he’s just a good person. So speaking for Ben Donahower, I am Stephen Rudman and I approve this message.