Tennessee Yard Sign Regulations

Tennessee has a few regulations related to yard signs that campaigns should follow to the stay on the right side of the law and to avoid any potential political attacks from the other candidate or the news media. Like many other states, it’s unlawful to place signs in the state’s right of way or along […]

South Carolina Yard Sign Regulations

Planning a political campaign should not be complicated. If you follow a few simple sign regulations and the rest of South Carolina’s campaign laws, you’ll stay focused on your campaign strategy not paying fines or dealing with political fallout. South Carolina has clear rules on what is allowed and what isn’t with before, during and […]

Delaware Yard Sign Regulations

Like any other organization, political campaigns need to market themselves to the people who will buy their product: voters. One way that candidates can market themselves to voters is with yard signs. However, there are certain parts of Delaware where it’s unlawful to post political signs, mostly because of safety reasons. If you play it […]

Rhode Island Yard Sign Regulations

Compared to other states, Rhode Island has somewhat stricter rules and regulations on when, where and under what circumstances you may place your campaign sign.  For instance, you may not place a sign at least 25 feet from the nearest edge of right-of-way. But no signs are allowed at historical and religious places. These are […]

Michigan Yard Sign Regulations

Part of planning a political campaign in Michigan means knowing the sign regulations and laws. According to the state of Michigan, yard signs are your responsibility and the Michigan Department of Transportation will not think twice before they remove your illegally placed sign. All signs must be more than 30 feet from the edge of […]

Florida Yard Sign Regulations

Yard signs are a great way to increase candidate name recognition in a political campaign though candidates should adhere to state and local campaign sign regulations to keep their Although yard signs can be a great way of supporting your candidate, this form of expressing your political belief may conflict with a city/state ordinance, limiting […]

Arizona Yard Sign Regulations

While not without controversy, Arizona made navigating the state’s campaign sign regulations much easier in 2011 when they limited localities’ ability to prohibit campaigns for distributing signs sixty days before the primary election and ending fifteen days after the general election aside from candidate who lose in the primary. Those candidates must remove their signs […]

Nevada Yard Sign Regulations

Posting Political Signs within Nevada’s State Highway Right of Ways It is illegal to post campaign signs within the right-of-way of state highways. Like many other states, it can be a challenge to identify what roads are under Nevada DOT control and which are local or federal roads, which have a different set of regulations […]

Ohio Yard Sign Regulations

Ohio span almost 45,000 square miles. That’s a lot of area for campaign signs and a lot of opportunities for campaigns to find themselves on the wrong side of the state’s yard sign regulations. One of the best piece of advice that I’ve ever heard about candidates for elected office is that “the only bad […]

Washington Yard Sign Regulations

It’s important for candidates, campaign staff, and supporters to the understand the state’s yard sign laws to avoid lost time involved in: * Designing the sign * Posting the sign in unlawful locations * Recovering signs from the Department of Transportation In a competitive campaign, time is critical. It is a political campaign’s only nonrenewable […]