Missouri Yard Sign Laws

I can’t tell you how many newspaper article I see where a candidate has stolen a yard sign or the Department of Transportation had to remove illegally posted signs. Don’t be that candidate. By putting signs along the state’s right of way in Missouri you’re risking losing the time and money it took to design, […]

New York Yard Sign Regulations

It’s important for political campaigns in New York to understand lawn sign laws and regulations in the state. Why? First, the New York State Department of Transportation will remove signs that don’t adhere to their regulations. Second, campaigns also risk political attacks from their opponents if they do not follow yard signs laws. Imagine that […]

California Yard Sign Regulations

One of the simplest but most costly mistakes your campaign can make is being ignorant of California’s sign laws. Your campaign must file a statement of responsibility, which means if your campaign puts signs out too early, places them on landscaped highways, or otherwise violates California’s sign laws, the candidate, campaign manager, or whoever is […]

What Your Printer Knows About Campaign Sign Colors That You Don’t

Choosing the color or colors on your political campaign sign will make a big difference in whether the sign makes an impact with voters or not, but it’s also important to choose a color that your printer will appreciate too! The two most common color coding systems that you will encounter on the campaign trail […]

Leaflet distribution for election campaigns

GOTV to Win welcomes this guest post. Leaflet distribution for election campaigns Leaflets can be an extremely powerful and targeted way of advertising a product, service or even a person to their readers. The trick is to give the right information and to do your research before you distribute them. There are many different forms […]

Patriotic Campaign Signs – The Best and Worst Colors for Your Sign

There is something satisfying about putting red, white, and blue on your campaign yard signs. As a candidate, patriotic campaign signs make sense because you’re a patriot and you want voters to know it. I recommend, then, taking a step back and seeing how these colors work based on the factors of a good campaign […]

Sign Design Contest Winner

I’ m excited to announce our campaign sign design contest winner. Congratulations to Brian Hetrick! Thank you to the dozens of people who participated in the sweepstakes! If you signed up for our mailing list and to receive the 3 Pillar of Political Campaign ecourse, I trust that you are getting value from the content. […]

3 Tips for Campaign Signs in Open Seats

Running in an open seat, has its own challenges. For campaign signs, it’s important to keep in mind that all candidates will have low name recognition, so campaign yard signs and other tactics to increase candidate name identification are doubly important. Video Notes First, does the outgoing elected official have a good reputation? If the […]

Why campaign lawn signs still matter and how to use them

Some campaigns don’t need many sign or any at all but there are also campaigns that benefit from what campaign yard signs do well: Increase candidate name recognition: Political scientist Mel Kahn has shown that yard signs do increase a voter’s ability to recognize the name of a political candidate. If the candidate grew up […]