Yard Sign Design Rules – Guidelines for Political Campaigns

Campaign Yard Sign Disclaimer

Designing campaign signs is almost too easy to get right! Many political campaigns often make yard signs too complicated and dillute the impact that the sign has on voters. There are two important design elements that if campaigns’ follow will have signs that are much more effective than most other campaign yard signsincluding your competitor’s.

Yard Sign Content: Candidate Name and Office Sought

With few exceptions, political candidate yard signs should only include the last name of the candidate who is running and the simplest way to indicate the office that the candidate is running for. This is important because you shouldn’t design the sign for what the most attractive looking sign but instead design a sign that is most easily seen from the road by commuters and other travelers.

For example, this is a good way to indicate that Smith is running for judge:



On the other hand, campaigns should avoid putting in superfluous words like this:

Vote Smith for the

office of Judge

Finally, depending upon the office that you are seeking and the state that you are running in, you will have to add a disclaimer to your yard sign indicating who funded the purchase of the signs.

Stark Color Contrast

In addition to keeping the content simple so that it’s easier for voters to read who are driving by, it’s also important to choose a color or colors that have a strong contrast for the same reason.

Black, brown, dark purple, dark blue, red along with white or yellow work well.

Political campaigns should avoid colors that contrast less such as green and yellow or red and orange.

Sign Design Rules

There are other yard sign design elements but following these two most fundamental rules will help political campaigns design yard signs that voters will notice when they are driving in the neighborhood. Other more advanced elements to consider are font, border, shape, size, material, and type of frame. Designing an effective sign will also incorporate elements of the campaign message and brand into the sign.

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