Campaign Lawn Signs as Flags

Why do nations create flags? Why do their peoples fly them?

Flags have a deeper meaning. In America, our stars represent the fifty states and the stripes the thirteen original colonies. The colors too have meaning. Likewise, other nations similarl have flags that have certain meaning to them.

Patriots fly the American flag off of their home, on their car, bringing them to parades and other events, and pledge to the flag in school and at meeting around the United States every day. In the case of people who display the flag, they are sharing with their neighbors that they have pride in the country and believe in its principles.

People fly other flags as well. You might see someone flying a state flag, flags that indicate support for the military, flags that read “don’t tread on me,” and others that I see every day and you probably do too.

While your campaign lawn sign doesn’t have the deeper meaning that a flag does. While your communicating a simpler message and primarily by text as opposed to graphics, the supporters who choose to put a sign in their yard, do so for a similar reason that someone might fly a flag.

These voters want to have a phsyical display of support for the candidate and to demonstrate to their community that they hold certain political values that the candidate holds as well.

Having something tangible and something you can share with your friends and neighbors is a powerful. Campaign signs won’t win elections but the people who post signs in their yard will. They will vote, contribute, and volunteer for your political campaign if they are properly motivated.

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