Campaign Plan – September and Yard Signs

In the fall, political campaigns heat up. In the month of September, political campaigns should generally focus on:

* Canvassing: contacting targeted voters door to door

* Fundraising: candidate and staff phone calls and fundraising events

* Cable TV: if the campaign is investing in television, the first TV spot should hit in September

* Direct mail: design the direct mail piece or literature drop piece

* Mail literature: land late September

* ID phone calls: begin in late September

Where, however, do political lawn signs fit into this schedule? The best way to build up a list of supporters who want yard signs is at their door. Ideally, your yard sign distribution should follow a linear pattern with your the number of doors that you have knocked on in September.

If there is a strong candidate running and voters find the candidate’s message compelling, a good percentage of the people that you speak with at the door will express their support and a similarly strong percentage of people who are supporters will agree to take a yard sign.

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