Crazy Sign Designs – ‘Too Cute’ Signs

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Crazy Sign Designs – Oddball Signs That I’ve Seen

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Campaign Trail Yard Signs podcast.  Today we are going to talk about getting too cute with your yard signs.

In this last election season, I saw campaign signs from an independent Congressional candidate that said “who is the candidate’s name?”  Turns out if you went onto his website that he was a libertarian candidate with objectivist leanings.  “Who is blank” was a play on words to related to “who is John Galt,” which of course was the first line to Ayn Rand’s most famous work.

In addition to that, over multiple campaign seasons I have seen quilts.  Quilt sort of patterns on yard signs.  I have seen a potato on yard signs.  This potato had an in depth metaphor for what the campaign was about.  If you went onto the website, it explained more about the potato and what that meant to the candidate and what he was going to do with the campaign.

All of that stuff might be all well and good, it might be over the top, but it’s not the place for a yard sign.  In that first instance that I mentioned, “who is the candidate” I’ll just say Jane Smith.  “Who is Jane Smith?”  You don’t know that from the yard sign and you need to be able to know that.  Because you are asking a lot of investment from the average voters who sees this election sign and says “who is Jane Smith?”  I’m going to quick jot that down or I’m going to remember that until I get home from work.  Then I’m going to Google them and hope that they have a yard sign.  You’ve got to go through a lot of hoops to figure out who that person is.  Instead, you should be using yard signs just to tell them who that person is.

Now, in the other examples where the yard sign was meant to convey a really complex, complicated message, a metaphor for what the campaign was about.  Also, you are asking a lot of the voter to figure out what is this person doing, why is there a root or a vegetable on the yard signs, why there is some logo that has a deeper meaning.  You are asking too much from a voter who is trying to get from point A to point B.

I think a lot of ways we underestimate voters but when you are on your way to work, when you’re going to pick up groceries, or get your kid to soccer, or whatever else the case may be you don’t have the time or the extra effort to figure out who this random candidate is who has a complicated yard sign.

I recommend keeping it really simple, say who the candidate is, say what office they are running for, and leave complex messages or metaphors or allusions to great literary works to other media.

This has been another episode of Campaign Trail Yard Signs podcast, thanks for tuning in!

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