Campaign Sign TV Spot – Dale Peterson for Alabama Agriculture Commissioner

Perhaps the most effective TV of 2010 was the Dale Peterson for Alabama Agriculture Commissioner spot.

One of the really powerful parts of this commercial is how it leverages yard signs to attack his opponents.  After explaining the problems that Alabama is facing, Peterson  compares his concern for the issues with his opponents’ behavior – stealing yard signs.

This resonated so well that yard signs were a major part of his second TV spot successfully supporting a candidate in the run off election.

I’m Dale Peterson and I’m after the Republican nomination for Alabama Agriculture Commission.  I’ve been a farmer, a business man, a cop, a Marine during Viet Nam, so listen up.

Alabama Ag Commissioner is one the most powerful positions in Alabama, responsible for five billion dollars, betch you didn’t know that!  You know why?  Thugs and criminals.

If they can keep you in the dark they can do whatever they want with all that money and they don’t give a rip about Alabama.

Here we are losing three family farms a day, illegals bussed in by the thousands, and Alabama’s unemployment’s at an all-time high.  And what are my opponent’s doing about it?  Stealing yard signs in the dark of night from my supporters.

Dorman Grace brags on his Facebook page about receiving contributions from industries that he would regulate.  Bragging about receiving illegal money on Facebook.  Who on earth would support such a dummy?  And why?

We’re Republicans we should be better than that.  I’m Dale Peterson.  I’ll name names and take no prisoners.  Give me the Republican nomination for Ag Commish and show Alabama we mean business.

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