Campaign Signs and the Media

One way to think about the media is as a mediator between your political campaign and voters. When the media is involved, instead of

Earn media with yard sign wars
Earn media using campaign signs

the communications cycle looking like this:

* Candidate conveys message to voters

* Voter responds

* Candidate responds

* Etc

The message looks more like this:

* Candidate conveys a message to the media

* The media filters the message for voters

* Voters respond

* The media filters the message in the form of letters to the editor

* The candidate responds

* Etc

Adding the media to the mix can damage a campaign. Perhaps the media took a position the candidate holds out of context or the candidate misspoke and that got top billing in the next day’s newspaper. The media, on the other hand, can aid your campaign.

Since it is an intermediary and independent of the campaign, voters are more apt to trust a message coming from the local newspaper or TV station than from a political campaign.

In the same way, political lawn signs are a medium. There is more trust in the campaign when someone independent of the campaign, an average voters, has expressed their support publicly through a sign.

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