Campaign Trail Yard Signs Acquired by Printing Company

After 7 years of serving the political campaign printing sector, we have just announced our acquisition by Clubflyers, a Miami based printing company. Campaign season after campaign season, we’ve been the top printing company that specializes in printing for political candidates, servicing them along their campaign trail. Our specialization and familiarity with industry standards for political campaign printing, such as corrugated signs, cardboard signs, bag signs and more was a main factor in the buyout.

Campaign Trail Yards Signs has established itself as the go-to source for political printing. We’ve helped many candidates get the word out about their platforms and eventually go on to win, thanks, in major part, to the exposure that their printing gave them and the name recognition it creates. We’ve helped a wide range of political ranks, from governors to congressional candidates and more by servicing them with a well established network of union manufacturers so we can match them up to the best, most cost effective printing options for their specific campaign.

Our CEO Ben Donahower and Clubflyers COO, Mark Quetgles handled the recent acquisition and are excited for the new merge. While Campaign Trail Yard Signs has cornered the political market in South Florida for the past 7 years, Clubflyers has done the same with every other industry that has printing needs as well. Their diverse service offerings has allowed them to print everything from vinyl banners, business cards, promotional flyers and event tickets to table tents, stickers and much more. The clientele and their in-house capabilities has been massively diverse thanks to their state of the art tech such as Heidelberg 5 and 6 color Speedmasters with in-line UV coating and direct-to-plate systems, among other things. Clubflyers has worked in a number of industries over the years, from the entertainment, events and music industry to the small business sector to corporate to the non-profit organizations and more.

The acquisition is simply a smart move for both entities, coupling the best in general printing services with the best in political printing. Clubflyers identified a need for specialized printing service to meet upcoming political candidates’ needs in during the 2018 political campaign election. The acquisition means candidates will have the best printing resources all in one place at their disposal as the upcoming political campaign season approaches. Mid-term elections in Florida have already seen a headstart and created plenty of buzz, with volunteers for the candidates already knocking on doors, making calls and campaigning starting late last year.

Campaign Trail Yard Signs will continue to operate under its current entity as a division of Clubflyers, giving a specialized, dedicated entity that will handle any political printing needs for political candidates.

CEO of Campaign Trail Yard Signs, Ben Donahower, said of the acquisition: “It’s exciting when the best printing companies in South Florida come together to better serve the community in a more efficient, intelligent way. This was a strategic move for and a highly beneficial one for us as well. We look forward to servicing the candidates with more resources and a bigger team behind us so we can be a printing powerhouse during the upcoming elections and beyond.”

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