Campaign Yard Sign Substrate – Poly Bag or Plastic Bag

Larger campaigns will often find that poly bag yard signs are the most economical choice. In addition, poly bag campaign signs are weather proof, easy to ship, recyclable and simple to assemble. Corrugated plastic yard signs, while a popular choice for smaller campaigns, don’t compare in value to poly bag and poly coated cardboard lawn signs. Poly coated cardboard signs are also an inexpensive choice for big campaigns but for orders more than 2,500 poly bag usually has the edge. It’s important check prices for both substrates to ensure that political campaigns are getting the best value for their campaign yard sign dollar.

Political Poly Bag Yard Sign Disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage is that this lawn sign type is only available in large quantities or prohibitively expensive in small runs. For orders of less than a thousand campaign signs, consider poly coated cardboard or corrugated plastic lawn signs.

While most of plastic yard signs are printed with an opaque lining, ensure that this is the case. Without a lining, voters will be able to see through the side of the candidate sign.

Durability is a mixed bag. Because of the flexibility of the substrate, voters won’t notice bends or dings in a political bag sign like they will in corrugated plastic or cardboard signs. This material, however, is thin and is more susceptible to holes and cuts that effect the integrity of the campaign yard sign. The sign may also buckle from a heavy wind.

Generally, the ink doesn’t hold up as well compared to other campaign sign types. While the lawn sign itself is weather proof the ink will fade over time. Plastic bag sign ink, however, will hold up for at least a couple of elections.

Why Campaign Poly Bag Lawn Signs Are a Smart Choice

For political campaign concerned about the environment, bag campaign yard signs are biodegradable and recyclable. Corrugated plastic is the second best choice and fold over political signs are the least recyclable because of the coating.

Assembly is a snap. The best method is to bend the ends of the wire frame close to one another and slip the bag over the top. If an intern or volunteer is assembling thousands of yard signs they’ll appreciate the ease of assembly. Also, if individual supporters are putting them together, they won’t have to worry about locating a staple gun and packing tape, which are recommended when putting a cardboard campaign sign together.


While it’s important to keep in mind all the pros and cons of political plastic bag lawn signs compared to other substrates, more than any other type of sign price is important. If your political campaign is ordering thousands of campaigns signs, the price will more often than not be dramatically lower than other options. Likewise, bag signs aren’t available in very small and orders or are going to be far more expensive that either fold over candidate signs or corrugated plastic signs.

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