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Hello and welcome to another episde of the Campaign Trail Yard Signs podcast. Thank you so much for tuning in.

Unfortunately I got a bad reminder for you today that there is inclement weather. Here in the northeast we have had a lot snowstorms these last couple of years. The other year was the infamous “snowpacalypse.” In 2010, there was a “snowacane.” There has been a lot of inclement weather throughout the United States.

Things to think about with your yard signs. Here are a few tips with dealing with blizzards, high winds, that type of thing when you’re wanting to make sure that your yard signs are out there and doing the job that they are supposed to be doing 24-7.

The first and most important thing is the know where your yard signs are located. This is going to help you in all types of weather. If you know where your yard signs are located you are going to know whether they have been removed from that location because of inclement weather, whether they have been burried in the snow, whether the wind came and took them some place, or whathever else the case may be. So it’s important for the campaign to identify where they are putting yard signs particularly in the cases where you’re able to put them along the right of way in addition to the private property.

This leads us to the second step, which is when they are on private property not only should you know where they are, but you should have an email list to communicate with private property owners following inclement weather. If you have had a big blizzard, a hurricane, if you have had God forbid a tornado or whatever else the case may be. If you have an email list of all of the individual lawns where those yard signs are, you can send out a blanket email, you can tell those individuals that you just wanted to follow up with you to make sure that your yard signs are in proper working order, that it didn’t get taken away, that it didn’t get damaged in the weather by any means. That is a very powerful follow up in many ways. One is if the yard sign was damanged or is lost that you will be able to get them a new one, but I also think that many voters, many volunteers are going to apprciate that kind of detailed followed up.

(Clearly, I got confused here) So many times you have heard the euphamism “the devil is in the details.” There are all kinds of euphamisms related to details, what they can do for you, where the problems lie, so (I got my act back together hereafter) when you start reaching out to these individuals that are supporting your campaign one way or another by putting a yard sign in their lawn or whatever else the case may be, they are going to be really impressed by your follow up.

So that’s something to think of as well. Make sure you have an individualized list for yard signs, where they are being placed on private. Finally, the other thing is to keep in mind is if you are in particularly harsh climates you want to pick yard signs that are going to be most conducive to the climate. If you do get a lot of tornadoes, hurricanes, and high winds you want to shy away from corrugated plastic. Those coroplast yard signs are going to act like a sail in the wind relative to the fold over campaign signs and the plastic bag signs. So that is something to keep in mind when you are choosing your signs in the first place.

Those are three tips for you as you are dealing with yard signs in inclement weather. I hope that helps you out if you have been dealing with that or if you are consistently having problems with that throughout the race. Thanks for tuning in for another episode of the Campaign Trail Yard Signs podcast.

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