Campaign Yard Signs and Other Political Signage

Empty Billboard

There are different ways that political campaigns use signs to get their message out to voters in a district. The most common way and the most effective type of sign is a campaign yard sign or lawn sign.

Political Lawn Signs

Campaign signs have been proven to increase candidate name recognition among prospective voters by a political science professor in Wichita. In addition to increasing candidate name ID, campaign lawn signs are also favorites of volunteers who want to show their support publicly by displaying a yard sign and for increased visibility around election day and polling places.

Candidates, however, can overdo yard signs. It’s important that candidates have a solid door to door and phone banking strategy in place.


Campaigns should proceed with caution when considering using billboards. First, billboards can get very expensive. Also, billboards are most often along major highways, which means unless you are running a statewide campaign, you will be spending campaign dollars advertising to people who live in another district. Likewise, you can be more targeted with yard signs concentrating on areas where there are many targeted voters.

Bus Signs

Bus signs are a mixed bag. These signs are only effective for people running in an urban district. If you are interested in using bus signs, contact the bus company to get some information about the type of people that take the bus in the community. If the information that bus company provides coincides with the people that the campaign is targeting, you have a good match and something to consider when allocating campaign resources.

Types of Political Outdoor Signage

Political yard signs, billboards, and bus signs are the most common outdoor political signs. Depending upon how well known the candidate is, your political campaign might not need many yard signs and no other types of outdoor signage. Campaigns in cities can also consider using bus signs too.

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