Campaign Yard Signs – Where to Put Them

In more than ten years of campaigning for candidates who are running for elected office, I have seen yard signs all over the place. If there is a surface that you could possibly adhere a yard sign to or a piece of ground that you could possibly stick a campaign sign in, I have seen it. These are the most common places campaigns put signs and what the benefits or problems with those locations are.

Private Property

To make a long story short, you should focus your efforts on putting signs on private lawns and property. Putting yard signs on private property does a number of things:

* Demonstrates that there are people who are supporting candidate and want to show their public support.

* Reduces the chances that the political sign will be stolen. There are sign thieves who will go onto private property to take signs but they are fewer in number that those that will take signs from the public right of way.

* Logistically, these signs are oftentimes easier to distribute and recover since the homeowner can do much of this work for the campaign.

* Putting signs on private property avoids some of the legal issues that you may face by putting signs along the public right of way and otherwise.

Highways and Along Other Roads

The principal benefit of putting signs along highways and other busy roads is that a lot of people will see the sign. These signs, however, don’t have the same impact as those on private property since anyone, such as the candidate himself, can put them out whereas putting signs on private property demonstrates that there is support for the candidate from voters.

Also, there are often restrictions on when and where you can put campaign signs out along the public right of way in your state and in municipalites. Please check with your state’s department of transportation and local government offices before putting your signs out only to have them taken away and fines issued by state and local governments if you are violating yard sign distribution regulations.

On Poles and Trees

In most areas, it is illegal to adhere signs onto poles, trees, rocks, and other natural formations or government owned property. While it might be tempting to put signs on telephone poles particularly in areas where there is little grass, avoid this and save your campaign trouble from local and state authorities.

Their Yard Signs for a Reason

Essentially, it boils down to that yard signs or lawn signs are called that for a reason! They belong on private property where they are doing the best for the political campaign and also following the state and local regulations.

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