Koplinski for Lt Governor Testimonial

Hi I`m Brad Koplinski. I am a former candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. And when you run statewide, you know, one thousand signs isn`t enough, five thousand signs isn`t enough, we needed ten thousand yard signs to saturate all sixty seven counties in the count of Pennsylvania. And when we went out and look through different places for signs, you know, we wanted a Union Bug, we wanted a great product and we wanted a great price. And really there was only one place that we wound up going and knew that it was the right choice. That was Ben Donahower and Campaign Trail Yard Signs. They had a great price, they had a great great product; they looked fantastic, they were very easy to see of course as you route down the highways and byways of Pennsylvania. We could not have been happier with product, the speed and really the quality of the signs. I could not endorse Campaign Trail Yard Signs and Ben Donahower more.