Contrast Yard Sign Colors – How to Get Your Signs Seen

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Contrast Yard Signs Colors – How to Get Your Signs Seen

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Campaign Trail Yard Sign podcast.  Thanks for tuning in.  I’ve got something else to think about with colors for your yard sign today.  First and foremost, you want to make sure that any colors or color that you choose are really contrasting, so if you are just going to do a one color yard signs you want to do a black, a brown, a purple something that’s really deep and rich that’s going to contrast with the white of the sign itself.  Or if you are using the yellow Coroplast sign something that’s going to contrast with that.  That’s generally going to be those same types of colors, those darker ones.

In addition to having contrast in the sign itself, within the color scheme itself, you want to make sure that the sign as a whole is going to be contrasting with the kind of environment that you are going to be distributing the signs.  That means if you are in a green, lush area in a primary or just at a time of year that your community is very green.

I have seen a lot of Green party members who have yard signs that are green to identify that they are a member of the Green party.  They stick that sign out along the side of the road with the green grass, with the green pine trees as a backdrop.  The sign will get lost even if the sign itself is easy to identify it’s going to get lost by the background colors that are there.

If you have an early primary or you are in a particularly harsh climate, the background or backdrop might be brown.  Or if you are in a more desert like area you are going to have a lot of tans, more neutral colors.

So when you are designing a sign you want to make sure that the design, when you’re designing on the computer screen or working with a graphic designer over the phone or getting emails back and forth, that the sign itself works but also that it’s going to work in the community in which you live.  Another example that just popped into my head is a coastal community.  You might actually have a lot of signs that are right along the waterfront or the ocean.  If you have a blue sign that’s in the intersection of a private property or an intersection that’s beachfront your sign might get lost in the ocean, the river, the lake whatever that might be because it’s a similar color.

So there are a lot of different things to consider when you are thinking about your district what colors are going to show up in your environment.  You want to make sure that your yard sign colors contrast in the yard sign itself and also in the environment in which you are running.

This has been another Campaign Trail Yard Signs podcast.  Thanks for tuning in.  Good luck!

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