Coroplast yard sign shapes

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Welcome to the Campaign Trail Yard Signs podcast.  We’ve got a real quick one for you today.  Thanks for much for tuning in.  This is a real quick tip for you.
First, what we are going to discuss here real quick is what kind of shapes that you want for your yard signs.  Anything that you can do that is unique, that’s different is going to draw more attention to your yard sign.

The cheap and quick way no matter what kind of yard sign substrate that you are using, which is the coroplast the fold over or the plastic bag yard signs, is using extremly small or extremely large yard signs. So if you are doing traditional rectangle shaped yard signs; if you do it big or you do it small it’s going to stand out from other yard signs as an anamoly.
If you have decided that Coroplast or corrugated cardboard is the best option for your campaign.  Of course, if you haven’t done it I recommend checking out my ezine articles on ezinearticles dot com that are related to campaign yard signs substrate and I got those on the Campaign Trail Yard Signs blog as well.  So you can take a look a look at them on the blog that you’re listening to right now as part of the podcast.

Take a look at that, figure out what you want.  If you want corrugated plastic, you’ve got a lot of options as far as the shapes and sizes that you can do.  I have seen teachers who are running for school board that have an apple shaped yard sign.  People have had yard signs that are the shape of their state or district.  Otherwise, indicate the office that they are running for.  Candidates that are running for judge have had yard signs in the shape of all kinds that are related to legal issues whether that’s the scales of justice or other things that are related to the legal profession.

You can do that with your campaign.  That’s something to think about if you are using Coroplast.  The one quick caution that I have before you go ahead and make your own custom shape yard sign is not to look like a traffic control device.  In nearly all states and localities it is illegal to make a yard sign in the shape of a stop sign yield sign or any other type of traffic control device.  If you are going to do Coroplast and you are going to do something creative with the shape of the yard sign and it isn’t killing the budget to do so, great, go ahead and do that.  Just remember that one caution that you shouldn’t be making yard signs that look like traffic control devices.

Thanks for much.  Good luck in designing your yard sign and good luck in your campaign

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