Councilman Mike Schlossberg on campaign yard signs

You’ve heard a lot from me about campaign yard signs: when they work and they don’t. But just like LeVar Burton said on Reading Rainbow, “but you don’t have to take my word on it.” To get a variety of opinions and discover more strategies that work, we’re asking elected officials, candidates, staffers, and other activists about their experience with political signs.

Campaign Yard Sign Schlossberg for City Council
Schlossberg for City Council Yard Sign

Thanks Councilman for answering a few questions. First, please share a little bit about your political experience. What campaigns did you work on before you ran for office yourself? When did you run for council and in what community?

I had worked on a few campaigns…Kerry 2004, Representative Jennifer Mann’s State Senate Campaign in 2005, Linda Minger’s race for State Representative in 2005, Don Cunningham for Lehigh County Executive in 2005, Pennsylvania Coordinated Campaign in 2006 and Michelle Varricchico for Lehigh County Court of Common Please, 2007. Based on this, I knew just how hard campaigns could be, but also how immensely satisfying they were. I also had worked in a few legislative offices…this made me realize the power of politics and governments, so in 2009, I ran for an at-large seat in Allentown City Council.

Yard Sign ask on Facebook
Asking supporters to display a yard sign

In a post on Facebook, you asked for volunteers for your campaign to canvass, phone bank, help on Election Day, and put a sign on their lawn. Throughout the course of your campaign, how many yard signs did you distribute?

Probably around 500…I would say maybe 200 at people’s doors, and the rest were given to volunteers who just threw them up everywhere!

You did a lot of door to door over your campaign. Did voters ask for yard signs while you were out canvassing?

If they gave a positive response, absolutely! This helped me blanket a neighborhood.

Did you ask voters to post yard signs part of your phone bank or canvassing script? Otherwise, what strategies did you use to build a list of voters who wanted your campaign signs?

I didn’t really do phone banking, so no. Otherwise, in addition to canvassing, I included a yard sign ask in every phone call, e-mail and direct mail.

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