Customizing stock campaign yard signs

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Hello and welcome to another episode of the Campaign Trail Yard Signs podcast.  Today we are talking about ideas that you can tell your supporters who are distributing on volunteer time or putting campaign signs on their own individual lawns.

This is something that as a campaign you’re probably not going to want to do because it takes some time, it is an extra thing.  But anybody who is requesting a yard sign or if you have a volunteer who is nuts about yard signs.  There are such people; I’m sure you have come across them already.

Something that you can do to put them to work or put a little extra pizzazz into what a campaign sign can do for you is in fact that to add some pizzazz to the sign.  Tell people who are putting your signs on their private property to decorate the sign in any way shape or form.  Doing this is just going to add extra attention to your sign.  The whole value of a yard sign to increase your name recognition as a candidate, so anything that you can do or that individual property owner can do to bring attention to those yard signs is going to increase the effectiveness of the sign to do what it is good at doing, which is increase your name ID among voters at large.

I’m going to offer some specific suggestions but you can just tell supporters to get creative with their own signs or you can offer a list of these suggestions and adding your own.  Hand out a sheet when you hand out a sheet about campaign yard sign laws and that type of thing, which you can go to our blog or check out the campaign trail yard signs articles on you’ll learn more about yard sign distribution laws.

But some of the suggestions that I have for your supporters to think about to kind of pimp their yard signs and to bring more attention to your name and the office that you’re seeking is to a) put garland up.  Some people are starting to break out their Christmas and other seasonal decorations.  Putting garland around the yard sign will bring attention to it.  When headlights go passed something like that it’s going to reflect a little bit.  Likewise, other holiday decorations are going to work.

(This was prerecorded.  At the time, people were starting to put decorations up!  I haven’t seen any here in May quite yet!)

If you got Christmas lights and you’re able to string them in and put some electric around there.  Or any type of lighting.  If you got a spotlight on your yard sign, that works out well.  You do want to check your local ordinances about lighting and what kind of lighting that you can out in your private property.  Usually, it’s not a problem but some municipalities have light pollution regulations that you need to keep in mind.

But for the most part, your supporters can put Christmas lights around it, can put a spotlight around it, can put those lights that are usually put around pathways, you can light them up and put them around the yard signs to make sure the sign is visible for 24 hours a day.  Or at least for most of the day until the solar power runs out on some of those!  For anything that you are plugging into the grid, such as a spotlight or that type of thing, that you can keep going 24 hours a day to bring attention to them when no other sign is going to be visible.

Or just sort of customize the sign.  What kind of constituency group is interested in it?  Maybe you have a strong following among sportsmen.  Well, encourage those individual sportsmen to go to the store, pick up some markers, pick up some posterboard, or even if they have some Coroplast, corrugated cardboard, something like that and write “sportsmen for.”  Adhere that to the yard sign.  Something custom, something homemade, something do it yourself like that, is really going to have an impact and is going to draw peoples’ eyes to that yard sign when they might have otherwise missed it.

This has been another real quick Campaign Trail Yard Signs podcast.  Good luck on your campaign and good luck on your campaign yard sign distribution!

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