Design Your Campaign Yard Sign, And The Rest Will Follow

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Campaign yard signs are an important element in local campaigning. Over time, a single campaign sign can be seen by hundreds or even thousands of people. Multiply that effect by the total number of yard signs promoting a campaign, and you have a powerful way to build candidate name recognition.

For several reasons, consider designing your campaign sign logo early in the campaign. It’s easier to design a yard sign and use it as the basis for your campaign website and print material designs.

You are initially creating your sign as the foundation for a consistent ‘brand’. For branding purposes, you are looking to use a particular color scheme and font.

Use a common typeface. Sure, they may be ‘boring’, but they are used for a reason – they work. Only use one color or perhaps two colors if you have the budget. Three or more colors is a waste of money and can make your signs difficult to read.

Many times a candidate will put “Vote For” along with a few lines, a couple lines, a moon, and maybe a firework burst. A lot of that is just clutter and takes away from your sign’s main purpose – name recognition. Try incorporating just one simple but original graphic element. It might be tough, but if it’s done right, the sign will look great and will be memorable to those who see it.

You rarely see a candidate head shot on a campaign sign, but almost every political website has the candidate’s photo incorporated into the header. When combined with a campaign’s sign design and colors, there is a powerful branding effect. Carry that over to your print material, and you’ll have a consistent theme that will help improve voter identification and recognition!

Finally, if your name is appearing on the ballot as “John Q. Smith”, be sure that your campaign sings, website and promotional materials match consistently. This helps build name brand identification and avoid voter confusion. In the case of write-in ballots, voters are more likely to use the correct version of your name.

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