Experienced campaign professional talks political lawn signs

Eddy Foster campaign manager
Campaign Professional Eddy Foster

First, what is your background?  What campaigns have you worked on?

I have been working on campaigns since I was 13 years old. Early on, I was involved in races for School Board and for County Commissioner. When I was 16, my Stepfather ran for State House against Steven Bararr (PA-160), and I got my first real taste of a state campaign. Since then, I have worked on the following races:

  • Andy Dinniman State Senate Special Election
  • Youth VoteEd Adrian for Burlington
  • VT City Council- Campaign Manager
  • Obama for America- Field Organizer
  • Josh Maxwell for Downingtown Mayor- Campaign Manager
  • Tina Davis for State Rep- Campaign Manager
  • And several others… at local and state levels.

Having worked professionally on state and national campaigns, did you notice a difference in the number of voters who were asking for yard signs?  If there was a difference, why do you think that was?

Obama aside (where EVERYONE wanted a sign), supporters of other campaigns all seemed to want signs in amounts proportionate to population. Obama was a rock star, and thats why so many “extra” people wanted Obama signs.

Since you worked on a presidential campaign without yard signs, do you have any stories of supporters who were upset that you didn’t have signs to hand out?

My situation with those signs was odd, because in Chester County where I was working a rich lady essentially purchased signs for the offices in the county. She literally dropped several grand on this. Now, even so, there was never enough, but we kept an emergency stash to give them out to people who wouldnt take no for an answer.

On the state Representative campaign, did the voters who requested yard signs ever volunteer otherwise?  Did you ask people who requested signs to help in other ways?

Sometimes and yes. Our general election batch of signs was delayed, but we had a plan all along. We kept a running list in votebuilder of who wanted signs, and we had guys distribute our signs out to their houses, all in one day. It was great. Some people did indeed volunteer, but %80 of people were simply supporters who didn’t do much more than vote.

Thanks for answering a few questions about your experience with yard signs.  Any parting thoughts?

Yard signs are like the cold war. You need to have about as many as your opponent, but if you have a lot more its overkill.

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