How long can a homeowner leave election signs up?

When to take down campaign signs
How long can a homeowner post a sign?

In most cases, private property owners can keep up yard signs year round.  With that said, there are some communities where there are limits on when a homeowner can put up election signs in their yard.

So who do you contact to find out?  Unlike yard signs along the right of way on most major roads, where the state Department of Transportation has jurisdiction, you will want to speak with your local government.

In smaller communities your best contact is usually the office administrative assistant, maintenance crews, code enforcement and in some cases the local police force.

In metropolitan locales, there is often a transportation department but if not code enforcement should be able to tell you if there are local ordinances that limit the amount of time that you can display a political yard sign.

2 thoughts on “How long can a homeowner leave election signs up?

  1. Can city or County GOV fine a candidate if they leave their yardisigns up after the election -30 days.Looking for a oridance I can use to punish for a fine for any canddiate that leave their yardsigns up after 30 days .Maybe when thye run they agree to get their signs up or be fined. Maybe pay a deposit when they register to run.If thye fail to get their signs theylose the deposit

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