How NOT to design a yard sign

This is a great video from a Republican firm on how not to design a yard sign.  Take a look at the video or read the transcript below:

Hey guys, Wesley and Michael here, Michael is the guy behind the camera, from Donehue Direct.

We talk a lot about the internet on these videos but today we want to go back to the basics and talk about yard signs.  In particular, we want to talk about what not to do with your yard sign.

Now, I really like Mrs. Katherine Jenerette, she’s a good lady I’ve known for a long time and as you can see, she is a very pretty lady.  Although she’s been using this picture for about fifteen years.

But check this yard sign out.  Let’s say you’re driving by in a Land Rover, like I drive, or a Mustang, very fast, like Michael drives, and you’re just zooming past this yard sign in your Mustang.  Please tell me how in the world you’re going to read all of this?

“Mister Congressman isn’t always a mister.”  True and catchy but … “US Army, veteran Persian Gulf war, US Congressional field representative, mother of four, drives a pick up truck, history professor, paratrooper, etc.” and then down here again at the bottom “US Army, paratrooper, NMB planning commissioner,” whatever that means, “USC CCU NCAA track honors, 1st Congressional District South Carolina.”

Come on.  This is a yard sign.  This isn’t a mail piece, a pamphlet, or some sort of a hand out.  Katherine, this is way too much.  If you are watching this video…  You know what, the picture is cool, stick with the picture and the logo.  Or better yet, just the logo and maybe your website because this right here is insane.  Thanks.

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