Leaflet distribution for election campaigns

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Leaflet distribution for election campaigns

Leaflets can be an extremely powerful and targeted way of advertising a product, service or even a person to their readers. The trick is to give the right information and to do your research before you distribute them.

There are many different forms of advertising, and they tend to be effective in different ways. A leaflet campaign can be an excellent way to target particular demographic groups, including local areas, with brief and direct information. This property makes leaflets an ideal way to raise awareness for a political candidate within a particular neighbourhood. However, there are a few points you should bear in mind before starting a leaflet campaign in order to make it as successful as possible.

Writing effective leaflets

Leaflets are a brilliant way to reach a large number of people in a given area (such as a zip code) with a short and to-the-point message. This makes them the perfect medium to kick-start an election campaign. People generally don’t want to wade through a long manifesto; they want an at-a-glance guide to why they should vote one way rather than another. The apparent constraints of a leaflet are actually a strong advantage for this purpose; the limited space means that you are forced to condense your message into a short, pithy summary that is high on impact, low on extraneous text. This can be a challenge, since the temptation can be to fill both sides of the paper with as much as you can cram in. This is a mistake; like a campaign trail sign, the purpose of a leaflet is not to tell prospective voters everything they might want to know about a candidate. There are other places they can go for that, such a website  which can offer all the information anyone could possibly want.

Instead, they are a starting point, a call to action. Your leaflet is a bit like a movie trailer, inviting someone to find out more. As long as you include the details to allow them to do that, it’s best to be quite spare with your text  too much can put people off, sending your carefully-prepared leaflet straight to the trash. Instead, focus on one, or, at most, a handful of simple statements that might attract potential voters. Your leaflet needs to resonate with its readers. There’s no point telling them all about the candidate if it doesn’t have any relevance to them. Your leaflet needs to address issues that really matter to people.

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Leaflet distribution

This requirement for your leaflet to speak to genuine needs is important, because leaflets are also an easy way of targeting specific neighbourhoods and obviously, different areas will have different concerns. Because leaflets are so cheap and easy to produce, thanks to the advent of digital printing, you are freed from printing large quantities of a single flyer and hoping the one-size-fits-all approach will work. Instead, with a little research, you can tailor your message to the unique needs of each area you distribute them to.

This is an enormous strength, because the more targeted the message the more likely people are to respond positively to it. You are able to achieve this with a leaflet campaign in a way that is not possible with more general (and expensive) means of advertising such as TV and radio commercials. These have the advantage of going out to thousands or even millions of people. However, unlike the leaflet, the message is the same for everyone, meaning that much of your audience might be uninterested.


A successful campaign will typically include a range of advertising strategies. Leaflets are an outstanding way to reach a specific area with a tailored, relevant message. This can be achieved extremely cost-effectively. This advantage makes leaflets the ideal complement to other methods of advertising which tend to have a wider reach but a lower response rate.

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