Learn Kansas campaign sign posting tips before your opponent

kansas route 66The Kansas Department of Transportation has a clearcut prohibition on campaign yard signs in the right of way. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand where the right of way ends on a state road. It’s helpful to look for physical markers. Telephone polls, fencelines, and any state-maintained property along the road is a good indication that you are still within the state’s right of way.

If the candidate, staff, volunteers, or supporters post signs along the Kansas right of way, departments crews will immediately remove the offending signs and take it to the closest subarea. The exception to this is if crews find a sign following the election. Any signs removed after Election Day will be disposed of.

During the campaign season, however, campaigns can pick up any signs that have been removed by the Department of Transportation at the nearest subarea from where the volunteer put out the sign.


2 thoughts on “Learn Kansas campaign sign posting tips before your opponent

    1. Your municipal rules also matter here, but as far as Kansas goes, to the best of my knowledge, if it’s on private property, you can put them up anytime and remove them anytime.

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