Michigan Yard Sign Regulations

Michigan-flagPart of planning a political campaign in Michigan means knowing the sign regulations and laws. According to the state of Michigan, yard signs are your responsibility and the Michigan Department of Transportation will not think twice before they remove your illegally placed sign. All signs must be more than 30 feet from the edge of the roadway and if the highway has curbs, your sign must be place more than three feet from the back of the curb.

But you shouldn’t obey the law just because your sign might be removed. You need to inform yourself about campaign regulations so that you don’t have your political opponents another reason to attack your candidacy.

Michigan Yard Sign Regulations

Starting at the end of the campaign, all signs must be removed within ten days after the elections. They are not permitted within intersections or along commercial driveways, because they may cause traffic hazards. Have in mind that you are not allowed to place signs within limited access rights-of-way either.

If you put a campaign sign along the highway, they must stay more than thirty feet from the roadway but only if the highway doesn’t gave curbs. If the highway has curbs, signs have to stay three feet from the curb.

There are ways to be sure you are placing your signs along the highway the right way. For example, try using a three foot and a thirty foot string and they will help you avoid mistakes in campaign planning.

MDOTDepartment of Transportation in Michigan has developed these regulations to keep motorists safe. They are also in charge of the enforcement and removal of illegally placed signs. If your signs are removed by MDOT, they will be stored by a local officer for seven days.

If you do not come for them within the seven days, they will be disposed of. You can avoid a lot of campaign time and expense by avoiding this situation in the first place by following Michigan’s yard sign rules.

Local Yard Sign Regulations

Municipal laws and regulations may have some additional restrictions above and beyond the state law. They often affect the place or time you can place a sign. Also, they may also apply to the circumstances under which you may or may not place a sign on someone’s private property or along the municipal local right-of-way. For example, campaign signs in the city of Allen Park may be posted 60 days before elections and in the village of Manchester signs may be posted 45 days before Election Day. As for the size of the signs, some municipalities in Michigan require certain dimensions for signs before they are posted. City of St. Claire Shores does not allow signs to be bigger than three feet height and four feet in width. Other regulations mostly apply to shape and how long you may keep a sign on someone else’s lawn. Of course, if you are not sure what law applies in your municipality, contact your local municipality for more information.


In order to win elections, you need to know the rules of the game. More importantly, you need to work within the legal framework to win. Knowing more about placing the campaign signs in your state can defend you from your opponents but also, it can give you a chance to turn the tables if they do not follow the rules. You need to take special care of local laws because they can differ from city to city. Do not place your signs on places where they can cause traffic hazards.

The Department of Transportation in Michigan will remove your sign and dispose of it after seven days if you don’t come to pick them up. Also, do not place your signs along limited access highways. Do not forget to remove your signs 10 days after the election. Finally, do not forget about the thirty feet distance from white line at the highway without curbs and three feet distance along the highway with the curb.

Disclaimer: I’m not an attorney nor do I play one on TV. This is not legal advice or opinion. It’s simply a collection of information that I have been able to gather from online and offline sources and have applied to political campaigns.