Missouri Yard Sign Laws

This map shows the outlines of Missouri counties.I can’t tell you how many newspaper article I see where a candidate has stolen a yard sign or the Department of Transportation had to remove illegally posted signs. Don’t be that candidate.

By putting signs along the state’s right of way in Missouri you’re risking losing the time and money it took to design, order, and place those campaign lawn signs. Also, I’m sure that you want to run an ethical, above board campaign. In the big things like campaign finance and in the little things like only putting campaign signs up where and when it’s legal.

Missouri Political Sign Laws

“The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) would like to remind everyone that the posting of any kind of sign (political, advertising or personal) on state right-of-way along highways is illegal and can constitute a distracting and/or a traffic hazard.”

If a campaign doesn’t follow the state regulation, MoDOT crews will remove the sign and take it the local maintenance maintenance building. Now, political campaigns can recover the signs from the Department of Transportation but you will need to get them within thirty days of when the maintenance personnel removed the political lawn signs from the state road.

While Missouri’s rules for yard sign distribution aren’t terribly unclear, there are always issues that come up. Feel free to contact the Missouri Department of Transportation at their toll free customer service center 1-888-ASK-MoDOT (888-275-6636) during normal business hours or visit our website.

Local Sign Laws

Understanding Missouri’s sign regulations aren’t enough. Depending upon what elected office you are running for, there are a number of local governments and there’s a good chance that each of those municipal governments have differences in their sign ordinances.

Contact the municipal office for specifics but the most common restrictions in local ordinances:
* Prohibit or restrict access to the local right of way
* The size and shape of the campaign lawn sign
* The time frame that you can post signs and when you have to remove them

While you won’t find this as often, you might encounter broad prohibitions against posting campaign lawn signs particularly if you are placing signs on property in a homeowners association.


To wrap up, don’t put yard signs along the state’s right of way and be sure to check with the municipal governments that are you in your district so that you know of any local regulations. Sometimes, there are fines for violating the local ordinance, so be sure that you aren’t doing anything that could cost your campaigns hundreds or thousands of dollars!

Finally, use this information to hold the other candidate accountable. If you see a campaign sign that violates the law in Missouri, first, take a picture of it. Be sure to get enough context that it’s clear that the sign is violating the law. Tell MoDOT, post the image on your campaign website, and information local media. Voters have a right to know when a candidate is violating campaign laws.

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