Nebraska outdoor political sign distribution requirements

According to the Nebraska Department of Roads, “frequently, over zealous campaign workers place signs where they violate state and/or federal laws. In some instances, illegal signs pose a threat to public safety, especially where they appear in intersections, medians, on bridges, utility poles or along side walks. Other times signs are placed on public property or private property without the owner’s permission.”

In Nebraska, it is unlawful to post elections signs in the right of way. The state right of way varies depending upon the road, private property lines, and other factors, so sometimes it’s difficult to understand where the right of way ends. To help determine where the right of way ends, look for telephone poles, fence lines, and other landmarks, which are always in the right of way. Be sure to place signs outside of these Department maintained structures.

Campaign signs are a Class III advertising sign. This type of sign is permitted in zoned and unzoned commercial or industrial areas but require a permit from the Nebraska Department of Roads.

Maintenance crews will remove any signs that are improperly posted. The Roads Department will store the signs for a brief period of time for you to retrieve the yard signs. Contact your local maintenance station to be sure that the Department has the signs and to arrange pick up. If you do not contact the Roads Department quickly, they will dispose of the campaign yard signs.


2 thoughts on “Nebraska outdoor political sign distribution requirements

  1. i’m running for city council again and having some problems with the county clerk and county attourney on sign placements. Below is what i’ve gone threw:

    political games: for the city to get me to take some of my signs down, they are including the Sherrif Department as part of the courthouse, and by doing so, my signs would be to close to the building. As per the legal listing is says the buildings are two separate addresses. If they kept the legal listing, I would be alright. But our city can’t have someone that speaks the truth in office. So I will have to contact the Secretary of State to verify.

    looks like i got the run around on political sign placements. At first the county clerk says signs have to be 240 feet away from the court house, then today, she says she check the state stature and its 200 feet, and she just verified from the secretary of state on that. But when i called the secretary of state, the person in charge of election didn’t know anything about it, and that she said 150 feet and 100 feet, then maybe 200 feet. And suggested i contacted the county clerk or the county attorney. I contacted the county attorney, and she couldn’t say what the legal standing is and that she will side on what interpretation of the state statue the county clerk has. So, if she’s interpreting the law wrong, then you have no say. The interpretation of the law, is the court house and the sheriff department legal description is two separate building, and the state stature says you can’t place signs within 200 feet from the voting pole. The county clerk is claiming both buildings to be one structure specifically during this election period. Even though the legal description is two separate building with two separate addresses. And the county attorney refused to look at the actual law or state statue to confirm the law. Then she calls back and says the law says that its 200 feet from the voting building, And claims that Property definition during elections time is different from legal descriptions, its apples and oranges and that threatened me that if i didn’t remove the sign that i would be charged with a class 5 misdemeanor. She seemed unclear on property description. I suggested lets make the legal description of the building as one rather than two, to make it legal and she seemed agitated by that suggestion. Says she has no authority to do so or make those suggestions to the assessors office or county clerk. Some people would call that, just being lazy. So i said, maybe i should get this put in the news paper and blow it up a bit. And I said i thought she was wrong, and who do i go to when i think she is wrong. She said maybe Legislature. So that’s my next step would be to talk to our legislature Al Davis. To many of our government officials are on the buddy system. If you if your not in government your not on the system and you don’t matter.

    1. this is a very specific concern, so it’s hard for me to comment on it without knowing all of the details.

      that said, it’s definitely 200 feet and that space only matters when there is voting taking place including early voting, so if it’s a month out from the election… you can put your signs close to but not on the property.

      what you and the local authorities seem to disagree on is what a polling place is. honestly, i have no idea what that means from a legal perspective in your state. it could mean, as it does in my state of Pennsylvania, from where voting is actually taking place, but it could also mean the street address, or as they are suggesting, the government complex (though that sounds like a stretch to me).

      if you really want to pursue this further, i’d look at getting some legal help.

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