Pa Young Democrats president talks yard signs

Pa Young Democrats president Tim Brennan
Pennsylvania Young Democrats President, Tim Brennan

First, thanks for agreeing to answer a few questions about your experience with yard signs.

Tim, would you explain a little bit about your background and your political experience?

I have been involved in politics and an active volunteer since the 1988 Presidential election. My first big experience with signs was in the 2004 Schuylkill County commissioner race where I put up 500-1000 signs on my own. There was also the 2002 17th District Congressional race.

As president of the Pennsylvania Young Democrats, you’ve come in contact with a lot of younger candidates.  Would you say that young candidates rely less on political signs than older candidates?  Why do you think this is?

I do not think that young people rely less on signs. I think there my be more importance placed on social media, but I think that signs, like buttons, have become a part of political culture. Just like buttons have made it past TV and radio, it seems like signs have found a niche in US politics.

I’ve seen younger candidates forgo signs in favor of social media.  Do you think that candidates should stop using traditional campaigning tactics like yard signs and direct in favor of social media and other newer tools?  Where is there a balance?  Does it depend upon the district?

I don’t think that people should stop using signs, but they have to start making them more in tune with 2011. People are tired of the metal posts and mess they make. I am especially tired of the lead posts, because if you use your bare hands you get lead poisoning and headaches. Physical signs will always have a role in branding because it is something that has been established and that can’t be put back in the bottle, unless the sign industry does not find a way to adapt.

Thanks Tim for your time.  I really appreciated your thoughts!

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