Patriotic Campaign Signs – The Best and Worst Colors for Your Sign

There is something satisfying about putting red, white, and blue on your campaign yard signs. As a candidate, patriotic campaign signs make sense because you’re a patriot and you want voters to know it. I recommend, then, taking a step back and seeing how these colors work based on the factors of a good campaign sign color choice. The most important factors to consider are:

  • Amount of contrast
  • Unique color choices
  • Branding across the campaign

The more contrast on the sign the easier it is to read your campaign yard sign. The more unique the sign the easier it is to notice the sign more generally and among the sea of other signs. Finally, the more congruent the branding the easier it is for the voter to connect your campaign sign with the other ways that you are contacting them.

So how do red, white, and blue fair on three factors: contrast, uniqueness, and branding. In some ways, not too badly. Red and blue are easy to read on a campaign sign. Depending upon the rest of the campaign’s political marketing, those colors work well with the rest of the candidate’s brand. Unfortunately, they fail terribly at uniqueness. In fact, there is so little differentiation from the rest of the ticket for all parties that it also impacts contrast in a way.

Patriotic colored signs lack contrast between signs. Therefore, red, white, and blue signs fail to meet at least two out of three of the most important color choice factors for your signs. Do you and your campaign a favor and choose campaign yard sign colors that other campaigns aren’t using.

You can view a PDF of these slides at Scribd and download it there.

Patriotic Colors on Your Campaign Sign

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