Political campaign to watch

In the race for Caseyville borough council, incumbents have eschewed yard signs and challengers are using them. This should be an interesting race to watch! While there are other factors like whether voters want more of the same or something different and other local concerns, yard signs maybe play a factor in this race.

With that said, one of the challengers notes that he needs campaign lawn signs to increase candidate name recognition. Yard signs are more important for challengers compared to incumbents who are more likely already know among the electorate:

Four candidates looking to unseat members of the Caseyville Village Board say they will continue using campaign signs, despite a pledge by incumbents to not use any outdoor ads.
“People may know my face, but not my name. Signs will help me more,” said Rob Watt, one of seven people running for three seats on the board.

All three incumbents in the race �?? Kerry Davis, Patrick Dyson and Ron Tamburello �?? recently promised to not advertise their campaigns on placards because some residents became upset with the “tremendous number” of signs used in the November election season, Davis said.

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