Political Lawn Sign Order Amount Tip

Poly bag yard sign for large orders
If your predecessor was popular use a similar sign

In the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, she finds three bowls of porrage. One of them was too hot, the other was too cold, whille the last one was just right. The morale of the story is moderation. Campaign lawn signs, however, are much different.

Instead of looking for find middle ground, political campaigns should made a decision to order plenty of campaign signs or order a small amount of signs to meet the demand from volunteers and at polling places.

Why? Because repitition, repitition is the key to engraining your message into the minds of targeted voters. If you decide on a moderate amount of yard signs, you won’t be able to penetrate the voters. You might think that ordering a small number of signs is even worse but that is only the case if it wasn’t a strategy decision.

Political campaigns should make the strategic decision to order enough signs to be noticed over and over again or decide not to order very many so as to put resources into another aspect of the campaign.

Does repitition really work in political campaigns? Think about it in a different context. Can you recall any symbols associated with Wal Mart? Do you know Nike’s slogan? What’s the name of the clown associated with McDonald’s?

You know the answers to these questions because you have seen it time and time again. Political campaigns can use this same power, the power of repitition, to earn votes and win elections.

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