Rewarding Campaign Contributors with Yard Signs

Plastic Bag Political Yard Sign
Bag Signs are Good for Large Campaigns

If you listen to public radio or receive solicitations in the mail from nonprofit entities, you know that they are often offering something in return for your contribution. Of course, the value of the gift is a mere fraction of the value of the contribution.

With that said, clearly, if some of the top nonprofit marketers are offering a small gift there is a good reason. These small rewards for donations increase the number of donations that these organizations receive and oftentimes act as a reminder of their contributors’ connection to the entity.

Campaigns should test to see if this works in the campaigns and elections context.

Campaign Lawn Signs as a Reward

For local campaigns particularly, yard signs can be a big expense. There are ways to reduce the cost of lawn signs but getting supporters to subsidize the cost of them or get signs in exchange for contributions will complete offset the cost or even act as a small fundraiser.

With the latter in mind, if we used a similar proportion of value to donation that nonprofits are using, we might suggest a donation to the campaign of $25 or more in exchange for a sign.

Raffling Yard Signs

Oftentimes, campaigns run out of yard signs. Just like anything, signs become more valuable when there are less available and there is still much demand. Use this to your campaigns advantage and raffle off the last several signs the campaign has.

Perhaps, there is an existing fundraiser that you could bring the signs to or another way to start the raffle would be to send an email out or publish a blog post.

Non Monetary Yard Signs Rewards

Finally, if your campaign is committed to distributing campaign lawn signs without cost to the support consider other ways to coax additional actions from the supporter. For example, supporters who tweet about an upcoming rally get a free yard sign or anyone who updates their Facebook status to something that is supportive of the campaign gets a sign. Finally, anyone who comes into the office to make phone calls or canvass gets a sign.


Supporters love campaign yard signs. While they won’t win you elections, you can use signs for more than increasing candidate name recognition. Try out ways to leverage signs to increase your volunteer base and raise a few extra dollars.

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