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Polycoated cardboard signs are usually least expensive for campaigns ordering between 250 and 750 signs. If you are ordering a few hundred signs, Campaign Trail Yard signs recommends pricing corrugated signs as well to ensure you’re getting the best price.

These signs are not recyclable and they are a pain to assemble. You need to fold the sign over the score onto the U frame and we recommend using clear packing tape to finish assembly. You can use staples as well.

The redeeming quality of these signs is in the right quantities, the price is right.

14x22 50 100 250 500 1000 2500
1 color $4.58 $3.21 $2.16 $1.78 $1.60 $1.57
2 color $5.77 $4.13 $2.70 $2.09 $1.88 $1.76
11x28 50 100 250 500 1000 2500
1 color $4.58 $3.21 $2.16 $1.78 $1.60 $1.57
2 color $5.77 $4.13 $2.70 $2.09 $1.88 $1.76
22x28 50 100 250 500 1000 2500
1 color $5.50 $3.85 $2.65 $2.20 $2.04 $1.99
2 color $7.42 $4.42 $3.23 $2.55 $2.25 $2.18
28x30 50 100 250 500  1000  2500
1 color $5.63 $4.07 $2.81 $2.53 $2.41 $2.32
2 color $7.73 $5.49 $3.56 $3.00 $2.70 $2.60
28x44 50 100 250 500  1000  
1 color $8.74 $6.02 $4.09 $3.29 $3.11
2 color $13.22 $8.58 $5.46 $4.06 $3.61

Polycoated Cardboard Sign Info

1 side coated for durability

Imprint can be no closer than .5″ from all edges

Bleed not allowed

Single score to accommodate wire wickets

No charge for scoring


You will receive a proof within 72 hours after ordering to approve or ask for edits. Technically, we guarantee one round of editing though we’ll work with you. At the same time, we reserve the right to stop the insanity if things get out of hand.

Union bug

Our printers and production employees belong to Teamsters Local 543M-1347m.

Imprint areas

The following chart explains the imprint areas of our signs. In general we require a ½” margin all the way around the edge on smaller signs, and 1” all the way around on larger signs. This is a necessary inkless area required by all printers. To achieve full bleed, this area is cut off after the print (additional charges will apply).


Standard colors

We stock 16 standard screen printing colors. All pricing for screen printed products includes use of one or more of these colors. Please note that the colors on this page will vary from the actual printer colors. While color accuracy cannot be guaranteed, satisfactory matches can typically be obtained.


Custom colors and halftones

If you must have custom colors or use halftone, please email us for a custom quote. These require additional charges. We don’t recommend either! For halftones, it’s often better to add an additional color. Custom colors can be pretty expensive especially for smaller orders.

Digital printing specs

printing digitally gives us the ability to print quickly if the electronic files are set up properly.

Acceptable formats

All files should be saved in one of these formats. We fully support:

  • Adobe Illustrator CS4 (or earlier versions) file types – eps, ai, pdf, jpeg, tiff
  • Adobe Photoshop CS$ (or earlier versions) file types – psd, eps, pdf, jpeg, tiff
  • Signlab 9 – file types – cdl, eps, pdf, jpeg, tiff


All fonts must be included in the file. To prevent conflicts, it is recommended to outline all fonts.


All images (jpg, tiff, pdf, eps, psd) must be high resolution. We suggest 300dpi.


Files will be converted to CMYK. Please provide pantone colors if possible.


  • Vector art is acceptable for screen, cut vinyl, and digital jobs.
  • Raster artwork (jpeg, tiff, bmp) can’t be used in screen or cut vinyl jobs.
  • Turnaround time is based on the approval of the final proof.

What is a vector graphic?
A vector graphic is made up of lines and curves, allowing it to be scaled up or down without loss of quality. An EPS file is an example of a vector file format. (NOTE: Not all eps files are vector graphics.)

What is a raster graphic/bitmap?
A raster graphic or bitmap is made up of patterns of picture elements, called pixels. When scaled up or rotated, they produce a poor quality image. Raster images are usually reproductions of original art, photographs, or internet pictures.

What is high resolution/low resolution?
In electronic imaging the measurement of printout quality for raster images is expressed as the number of dots per inch (dpi). Image resolution typically ranges from 72 dpi (low resolution) to 600 dpi (high resolution). Generally the higher the resolution, the higher the quality of the output, and the file size is larger. If you have a low resolution image the image will print with jagged edges and appear pixelated.

Production Times

Production start when your artwork / proof is approved. No changes can be made to your order once your sign goes to print. We make every effort to produce your job and get your job to you on the date requested, but there are no guarantees. Please note that all production times do not include weekends, holidays, or shipping transit times.


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