Remove campaign yard signs after Election Day

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Welcome to the Campaign Trail Yard Signs podcast. Here I am driving along the road and what do I see in the middle of January (this was prerecorded) but campaign yard signs from a United States Senate candidate along the right of way.

It’s amazing to me that candidates, their staff, their supporters, volunteers, any one hasn’t taken the opportunity to remove those signs from the side of the road. There are a lot great reasons to do that.

This particular candidate actually won their election and first impressions matter. One of the first impressions that your constituents are going to potentially have with you as the new elected official is how you are going to deal with your yard signs. Are you going to follow what is most likely the law in your state or local government and remove those signs from the side of the road and ask private property owners that were kind enough to post your signs on their lawn to remove their signs? Or are you going to just let them go?

Voters are going to see that, and they are going to start forming opinions about you as a candidate already for when you need to run for reelection. If unfortunately you did not win your race, I’m sorry. You might be considering running again. And again, that impression matters. These individual voters who might have voted for you are going to see that you are disobeying your state or local laws or that you just didn’t care enough about your community or about the community that that individual voter lives to take care of the signs are along the side of the road.

Finally, it’s just good practice as someone who was more than likely motivated, at least in part, to run for elected office because you are a patriot. You care about the direction of your community, you care about the direction of your state and country. So if you are going to run for election partly based on that principle, you need to be following the law, you need to be ethical when it comes to removing yard signs.

Also, you should be caring about the aesthetics of your community. One of the reasons why there are state and local restrictions where you can post and distribute yard signs is because of aesthetics. You should be caring how your community looks first and foremost after the election is over.

So this is something to really think about. Make sure you know where your yard signs are posted because if you don’t you won’t be able to pick them up after the election is over. For most candidates you are going to have a day to rest, lick your wounds, or celebrate your victory and to rest up, but then you should get right out there and remove your yard signs. It’s what’s best for you, whether you won your election, whether you lost your election, or whether you want to maintain your good reputation in your community.

This has been another Campaign Trail Yard Signs podcast. Thank you so very much for tuning in.

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