Rules for campaign lawn sign distribution in Arkansas

University of Arkansas Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium

Arkansas’s regulations is place and simple: do not place yard signs in the state right of way. This is a blanket restriction on outdoor signage not just campaign signs.

According to a press release from the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department:

Small “yard” signs that are placed on the right of way will be removed by AHTD personnel. Owners of large “billboard” type signs will be notified and given an opportunity to remove the signs before AHTD removes them. Owners can pick up the signs during normal business hours at the nearest AHTD Area Maintenance Headquarters.

The best strategy for political sign distribution in Arkansas is to keep them to private property. Campaigns won’t have to worry about infringing upon the state regulations and signs are most effective when they are also an individual’s endorsement of the candidate.


4 thoughts on “Rules for campaign lawn sign distribution in Arkansas

  1. There really should be more respect for property owners. A large political sign showed up in our church yard. The politician won’t remove them and has threatened to have us arrested if we remove them.

  2. This was a useless tab of information. You do not list the Arkansas Campaign Sign theft statute. No sense coming back to this site again.

    1. I put together what I could find. If there is a campaign sign theft statute that you’re familiar with that I don’t know about, please let me know. I’d love to include it.

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